09/2016 "I have used several companies such as FH Furr and others forcontract maintenance on two HVAC units (freon and gas heating units).United Air Temp has turned out to be the best since all labor and evenrepair parts were included in recent work that I did. I had a failedcapacitor and they offered to have someone come out and troubleshoot theunit the same day I called, even with temps greater than 90 degress theyhad people available to respond to their contract holders. There wasabsolutely no charge for coming out, service check or capacitorreplacement. Other companies I have used with less expensive contractscharged for every part and more, even demanding $30 per pound of freonadded to the system. I came back to United Air Temp because of those upcharges and will stay with them. I strongly recommend looking at what isincluded in a repair situation when considering who to have a contractwith. The response time they achieved was not an insignificant factoreither if the A/C has failed in 90 degree plus heat!"

"While I have always received good service from your company, (the technician) was exceptionally thorough and courteous. He explained how to care for the system, and described clearly—but without pressure—the additional products and services your company offers. I was very pleased and wanted to tell you so."

"We just had our furnace cleaned and checked… (the technician) was extremely professional in his appearance and demeanor, and was knowledgeable and courteous. He answered all our questions, was very thorough in his checkup of our furnace, and showed an expertise in every aspect of the system."

"I write to thank you for the manner in which you addressed the installation of our new HVAC system. The test of a good sales representative lies in the quality of his product and in how his company addresses any needed follow-up work. On both counts, I give you and your company excellent marks. There was much attention to detail, unlimited effort to correct the system's initial deficiencies and, throughout it all, an exemplary professional attitude on your part…"

"In this day and age of ruthless salesmanship and shoddy workmanship, it is a pleasure to call to your attention our recent experience with (technician) of your company when we had an emergency situation. Upon returning from vacation on a hot Sunday evening, we discovered our air conditioning had malfunctioned while we were away. First, (technician) was quick to respond and appear at our home… He made a thorough examination, determined the cause of the problem, and explained the need for the replacement and installation of a new heat pump. When I addressed another issue, namely cooling the third level of our townhouse, he recommended the installation of an attic fan and explained the features, operation and benefits in non-technical terms. We took his recommendation on the attic fan, and I am pleased to say that we are very satisfied with the results… we are pleased with his tact, sincerity and professionalism… In no way did we feel that (he) was attempting a 'bait and switch' as was recently published in an article in the Washington Post on dust tape use in air conditioning and heating equipment sales."

"I am a widow and often find myself confronted with house repairs and maintenance about which I know very little. When my heat pump stopped working, a maintenance man from United Air Temp (was called). He is a friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful young man. He explained my problems with the heat pump and my options. He made no attempt to try to sell me the most expensive equipment, but explained the functions of the out-dated equipment. I chose what I felt was appropriate for me and I relied on (his) knowledge and recommendation and advice. I felt very comfortable with the decision made. I have been very pleased with the service and if I should ever need these services again, I'd not hesitate to call… "

"I just wanted to compliment one of your employees on his excellent customer service skills and professionalism. While examining our HVAC unit, he took the extra time to explain what he was doing and why which gave me much better understanding of how it works and the importance of keeping it properly serviced. He also took the time to explain the benefits of some improvement we could make to our HVAC unit and home to make it a more comfortable environment. His no pressure manner was very appreciated and I am considering several of these improvements. A high pressure sell would have turned me off. Because of his visit, I felt very comfortable renewing my annual service contract."

"My husband and I would like to take a few minutes of your time to tell you how pleased we are with your service representative. (He) came to our home in February for our first service check. He was quite helpful and informative resulting in our purchase of a Service Agreement with United Air Temp. Unfortunately, just a few months later, our air conditioner grew quite noisy and we had to immediately take advantage of our new Service Contract… We were very happy when we called to make an appointment and your company was able to make one for us that very week, versus waiting weeks without air conditioning in 92 degree weather. It was the Friday beginning the Memorial Day holiday weekend and our appointment was at 5:00 pm. We 'assumed' any technician would not be wanting to spend too much time with us as he would like to start his holiday weekend. When (he) arrived at our door, we were happy to see someone we knew and trusted. He quickly determined the problem and what parts would be needed to repair it. He stated that the part was not typically stocked but he would order it promptly and have it repaired next week. That was good enough for us. (He) returned to our home 30 minutes later with the part in hand and said that he had gone our and searched and found it. What a pleasant surprise! The air conditioning was repaired and has never been so quiet (it actually purrs). And, not to mention the fact that our service representative went out of his way immediately for us so we wouldn't have to be uncomfortable in the heat over our holiday weekend! We were extremely pleased with his dedication and customer service (I personally work for [a major hotel chain] where customer service is our livelihood and am quite critical of quality service and customer attention). (The technician) should be commended for his friendly service and recognized for affiliating your company name with dignity. We are sure to be customers of United Air Temp for years to come. Thank you for your time and great service."

"The purpose of this letter is to compliment you and your company for the quality installation of gas heat in our home. I can tell you there is no comparison between the heat generated by my old heat pump and the warm cozy gas heat. The change is remarkable… The installation was first class. The quality of your installation is readily apparent when you observe the solid black iron pipe and the care with which these pipes were located in the basement. There are no loose plastic lines, plywood boards with loose fitting tubing or pipes running very low off the basement ceiling like I observed with other installations. In addition, your careful pre-planning resulted in minimal exposure of gas pipes around the perimeter of the house. The exhaust was carefully placed and the electrostatic air cleaner, which came with the installation, removes a great deal of the dust from the house. I would certainly volunteer a solid recommendation for future customers who are interested in having United Air Temp install gas heat. Thanks again for a job well done; you made our home so much more comfortable and cozy. The results of the conversion are a great investment since we continue to enjoy the warm gas heat well into the rainy and raw days of May."