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Dual Fuel Heating System

Dual Fuel Heating System


Anyone replacing an Air Conditioner could benefit by replacing it with a heat pump instead. This is the ideal time, it is only a little more than an Air Conditioner, but will save on heating bills!

Why Dual Fuel?
What does Dual Fuel mean?
Dual Fuel means using two fuels to heat the home instead of one. In most cases, this means combining a high efficiency electric heat pump with a fossil fuel furnace (natural gas or propane).

A heat pump is a home comfort unit that will heat your home in the winter and cool it efficiently in the summer.

Who can benefit from choosing a Dual Fuel system?
There are several situations that lend themselves to the installation of a Dual Fuel system. You may want to consider Dual Fuel if you are:

  • Building a new home.
  • Considering adding central air conditioning to an existing home.
  • Planning to replace window air conditioning units or a worn out central air system.
  • Wanting to extend the life of you fossil fuel furnace.

In the Summer the Heat Pump cools the same way any Air Conditioning system does.

During mild winter temperatures, that heat pump operates at an incredible 200 to 300 percent efficiency. So you save by not using the gas furnace to heat the home on these mild days, great!

During the coldest times, the fossil fuel furnace burns at its greatest efficiency.

So by using these two sources of heat, you can actually heat your home for less than if you use only one source of heat. An outdoor thermostat will enable whichever unit will most efficiently heat the home at any given outdoor temperature.