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Benefits of a Dual Fuel Hybrid Heating System for Your Northern Virginia Home

Growing concern about energy consumption has led to the development of advanced HVAC systems designed for optimal efficiency and comfort. One such option, a dual fuel hybrid heating system, allows homeowners to reduce energy consumption and lower their heating bills without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

What It Is

As implied by its name, a dual fuel hybrid heating system is one that uses both natural gas (or propane or oil) and electricity to provide heat for the home. The system is made up of an electric heat pump and high-efficiency gas/oil furnace. It reduces energy consumption by using the particular energy source that is most efficient at any given time. The way it works is relatively simple. The electric heat pump is called upon to provide heat when outdoor temperatures are between about 40 and 60 degrees. Within this temperature range is where the heat pump operates at peak efficiency. When temperatures dip below 40 and the heat pump starts to become less efficient, the system calls upon the high-efficiency gas or oil furnace for heat. A heat pump, within its optimal temperature range, can produce heat at an efficiency of up to 300 percent. In other words, you pay for $1 in electricity and get $3 worth of heating output. This is something you simply can’t get from any other type of heating system. Only when temperatures are very low can a fuel-burning furnace offer better efficiency. But with a dual fuel hybrid system, you capitalize on the energy-saving strengths of both types of equipment.

Where to Get It

In the Washington, DC, metropolitan area, homeowners’ heating costs are, on average, significantly higher than their cooling costs. Installing a duel fuel hybrid heat system can be an excellent way to lower those heating costs and reduce your carbon footprint. DC area homeowners interested in a duel fuel hybrid or other energy-saving heating or cooling system will find that United Air Temp offers the region’s most comprehensive selection of equipment and a staff of highly trained technicians dedicated to providing the very best HVAC solutions for their customers. This northern Virginia geothermal installer is the local expert on ultra-high-efficiency HVAC systems. In business since 1931, United Air Temp prides itself on providing the area’s best equipment and workmanship, delivered by hand-picked technicians with unbeatable service and technical skills. The company’s technicians stay up-to-date by completing 40 or more hours of United Air Temp Academy and factory training annually, which means they’re able to provide expert advice and cutting-edge technology for energy-conscious homeowners like you.