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How Important Is Training for an HVAC Technician?

You’ve invested heavily in your home. After all, providing your family with non-stop comfort and convenience doesn’t come cheap. Of all your home’s major systems, your heating and cooling system is made up of some of the most costly and essential pieces of equipment you own. So when you hire someone to service or replace it, you want to know you’re dealing with a highly trained professional. But not all HVAC companies handle technician training the same way. While some companies emphasize continuous industry education and training, others are content to provide the bare minimum. At northern Virginia heating and cooling company United Air Temp, training is a major priority. The reason? It matters. In order to provide the best possible service, United Air Temp’s technicians must be provided with the best possible training. This is accomplished through extensive training on new technologies and a continuing education program designed to keep technicians’ skills sharp.

New Technologies

The HVAC industry is a rapidly changing field, and today’s heating and cooling systems are far more advanced than those manufactured just 10 years ago. Every year, advances in comfort and efficiency mean new and exciting options for homeowners looking to upgrade. If your HVAC technician isn’t up to speed, you could be missing out on an important opportunity. United Air Temp believes strongly in providing its customers with the widest possible range of product choices. As such, the company is constantly searching for new items that may be of benefit to its customers, and then providing technicians with the up-to-the-minute training they need to offer their customers the best, most current options.

Continuing Education

In addition to training on the latest equipment, HVAC technicians should also be provided with ongoing opportunities to hone their skills. The best way to do this is through a continuing education program. Technicians at United Air Temp undergo not only a rigorous training program before they’re allowed in the field, but also continuous training designed to keep their diagnostic, repair, installation and customer service skills sharp. Of course, providing excellent service starts with hiring the best people. The recruiting process at United Air Temp seeks to identify technicians with exceptional people skills as well as outstanding technical skills. The best technicians are excellent communicators as well as technically adept, and United Air Temp believes that combining the two makes for the best possible customer experience. Northern Virginia homeowners who hire United Air Temp will discover that the company’s emphasis on training truly does make a difference. It’s just one of the many ways United Air Temp leads the way in home comfort in northern Virginia — and has since 1931.