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For 2012, the EPA has proposed an accelerated R-22 phase out schedule. We have decided to give our Full Service Agreement holders and Warranty customers a preemptive solution to what promises to be a very difficult summer marked with long wait times for Refrigerant R-22. Effective immediately, all Full Service Agreement and Warranty customers will be issued a $500 credit towards the purchase of chlorine free R410A heat pump or air-conditioning system.

Several other rebates and incentives are available to all customers.

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See more information below regarding the 2012 R-22 possible shortages and some thoughts from major R-22 suppliers:

The phase out of Refrigerant 22 was supposed to follow an orderly phase down beginning Jan. 1 2010 and continue through 2020, with a small .05% trickle continuing until 2030. As a reference point, our industry used 160 million pounds of refrigerant in 2009. The previous phase out rule allocated 100 million pounds of refrigerant for 2011, and 90 million pounds of refrigerant for 2012.

At the beginning of this year, EPA released a 75 page proposal called Protection of the Stratospheric Ozone: Adjustments to the Allowance System for Controlling HCFC (R-22 in our industry) Production, Import and Export. This proposal advocated accelerating the phase out this year by allowing an allocation of 55 – 80 million pounds of refrigerant. This could translate into a 45% reduction compared to 2011. Industry insiders have speculated 2 reasons for the advanced phase out:

  • EPA is concerned that R-22 is not being adequately reclaimed and reused – an accelerated phase out might force this issue
  • EPA is concerned with the industry’s aggressive use of dry R-22 units.
How has the industry responded?
  • Lincoln Germain, Global Business Director of Heat Transfer and Fluorine products for Honeywell said he expects “spot” shortages throughout 2012. He went on to say “We will not be accepting new customers.”
  • Richard Rowe, Global Group President for Arkema said that they would “strive to serve existing customers with [the amount] of refrigerant they had used in the past for as long as possible during the phase out of R-22.”
  • Jim Bachman, National Sales and Marketing manager for DuPont has said, “The reductions in the proposed rule are significant and major changes in business practices are necessary to avoid a supply shortfall.” He went on to say, “Clearly, though, we feel it’s extremely important that industry participants focus on implementing plans to reduce their dependence on R-22 as soon as possible.”