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United Air Temp Receives Ethics Award

United Air Temp Ethics Award


In 2015, United Air Temp has received the Ethics award from The Society of Financial Service Professionals of Greater Washington and Northern Virginia. The Ethics Award honors companies that demonstrate a firm commitment to ethical business practices in everyday operations, management philosophies and responses to crises or challenges.

Presenting the award to Gabe Ivanescu, CEO of United Air Temp, is Elizabeth Schwarzman and Scott Harding, Co-Chairmen of the 2015 National Capitals Business Ethics Award.

The review of United Air Temp by the Ethics in Business Committee said in part that “United Air Temp, Inc. is a company of principle-centered professionals who believe that their most valuable asset is the trust of their customers. While it does not have a written ethics policy, the company has a long established culture of doing the right thing – always. United Air Temp believes that being ethical is a very easy-to-understand principle that does not require extensive analysis, as most people have a solid grasp of what is right and what is wrong. The difficulty comes when applying the principle when it has a negative short term implications on the company, or an associate.”

The basic principles United Air Temp employs in ensuring that it does the “right thing” include: if something is done wrong, it is fixed, no matter the cost; if people have the perception that the company did something wrong, the company removes all finanical reward from the equation; United Air Temp always crosses the bridge to understand its customers point of view.