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What’s New in Geothermal Energy Technology?

Geothermal Energy Technology


United Air Temp has the leading edge in geothermal energy technology. With all of our experience, we found an innovative approach to geothermal installations. United Air Temp’s Senior Geothermal Engineer has devised a patented method of installing geothermal heat pump system and a tool to use for installation. Geothermal heat pump systems are eco-friendly and have become quite popular for heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Efficient geothermal heat pump systems rely upon tubing called earth loops to conduct an exchange between the refrigerant inside the tubing and the heat of the earth. At a depth beyond three feet, the heat exchange is more consistent. Installing the earth loops at five to 10 feet underground and in close proximity to each other creates an even more efficient heat exchange.

In the past, digging to the best depth has been rather expensive and time-consuming. Methods have included digging a horizontal trench, drilling holes and using cable machinery. Each of these methods has drawbacks, from disturbing and displacing large amounts of earth to encountering bedrock deposits to not having enough room to use the drilling equipment.

United Air Temp’s new patented technology overcomes all of these problems. Using a special device, the earth loops, also called heat exchange loops, are quickly and efficiently inserted into the ground without requiring an exit point. As a result, when the United Air Temp team installs a geothermal system, we are able to minimize the amount of earth excavated, avoid drilling through bedrock deposits and provide an efficient seal with a high rate of heat exchange.

With the invention and creation of this patent, United Air Temp is able to provide a better product at a lower cost in a shorter time frame.

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