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Careers with United Air Temp: Steps to success!

United Air Temp Employment


Since 1931, United Air Temp has been a leader in home comfort services, providing plumbing, air conditioning and heating installation, repair and maintenance. Employee-owned, United Air Temp seeks career minded professionals to join and contribute to its success. The future leaders we seek for these challenging opportunities should truly enjoy working with people and be willing and able to do what it takes to get the job done right. If you are looking for a rewarding career where you will be challenged to exceed expectations while having unlimited opportunities as a result of our growth, expansion and our “promote from within” policy, we welcome your interest. We offer ongoing world class training, unlimited rapid advancement opportunities, a 401K retirement plan, excellent benefits and much more.

Steps to success:

Meet with people who have “been there” in the company, and graduated from the very same management development program you will be entering. Share experiences and be well prepared to make the best career decision possible.

Classroom instruction, meetings, and hands-on training are ongoing with United Air Temp. The first three weeks will be in the classroom as well as on the job with your mentor. You will see and perform hands-on what you learned in class. You will learn basic electricity, refrigeration, equipment maintenance techniques, and a complete array of other capabilities that you will use immediately in your career. Upon graduation at the end of the initial course, you will be a Service Inspector and enter your first branch assignment.

Service Inspection Department:
This is the very heart of your career development at United Air Temp. For the next six to 18 months, you will enhance the technical knowledge that will stay with you for your entire career. You will develop your abilities in such areas as product sales, customer relations, and administration. You can advance through SID at your own pace from Training to Journeyman and finally to Master rank. You will earn a solid income and benefit from your own performance with monthly bonuses. Your self confidence will build as you deal with your customers one-on-one. Time will go by quickly with the fast pace and excitement generated by the SID program, but the skills you develop will stay with you throughout your career. Upon achieving the rank of Master you are ready for the next challenge!

Intermediate Training:
You are confident from SID and have developed sound technical, sales and product skills which will now be refined with focused time spent in five separate assignments. You will be a sales consultant, a staff associate, a service technician, an installation technician, and finally an SID mentor for someone beginning his career and fresh out of class. You will spend from three to six months in each of these assignments and further refine your skills in each area. All of these assignments can also be permanent career paths for our associates. You will experience each by actually being in every one of these careers for a short period of time. This experience will allow you to choose one for your career path, or continue on with your leadership development.

Branch Manager/Franchise Owner:
As you near completion of the intermediate training assignments, you will enroll in the Management Academy, should you choose to continue into a management career. This will place you in line to be chosen as a Branch Manager. Now you will be in command of your own territory and branch staff you will draw upon all the skills you developed while you were in the SID and Intermediate portions of the program. You are the “officer in charge,” and your associates will benefit from the leadership you gained in training. Supported by staff associates, you will lead your team and set the goals for your branch. You will find as others have, that you will be better prepared to lead in business than your independent competitors. You have arrived congratulations! You may decide to open your own exclusive dealership supported by United Air Temp or remain in the corporate family for future growth; either way, you will lead the field!

Managing Partner:
As a Branch Manager, you will have the opportunity to participate in the growth of the company and build for your future. Over the first five years of your assignment, you will have the option to purchase stock ownership in United Air Temp. The fully vested Managing Partner will receive United Air Temp’s Supplemental Executive Retirement Program (SERP) benefits, which, in addition to your 401K and other investments, will provide for true financial independence for retirement.

Regional Vice President/Corporate Staff:
After serving as a successful Branch Manager, you will be able to truly refine your areas of expertise in a senior staff position. You will have the opportunity to focus on recruiting, training, marketing, administration or any of the other branch support functions. Be on the leading edge of corporate development with the chance to pass on your experience: set up new programs or create new products with research and development. You may even choose to open the first United Air Temp branch in a new territory to serve as Regional Vice President, and develop a series of branch operations in coordination with other senior officers.

Vice President:
As second in command, your valuable experience and background with United Air Temp will keep you deeply and directly connected to all in the corporate family. You will have held their positions, you will know the total operation intimately, and you will lead current corporate operations at the highest level, coordinating with the President, Corporate Staff and Managers.

Your tenure with United Air Temp will allow you to capitalize on all of your past experience while you plan the future of United Air Temp. Supported by a seasoned staff, your vision today will form tomorrow’s bright path.