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Expert Dryer Vent Cleaning, by our qualified technicians – a great value at $119.95* or $89.95* when combined with other services!

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Learn More About Our Dryer Vent Cleaning Process
Cleaning your lint screen is not enough to ensure an efficient, safe clothes dryer. Even a cleaned lint screen traps only 75% of the lint produced inside a dryer. The remaining 25% can build up inside the dryer vent, blocking air flow and becoming a serious fire hazard. Dryer lint is highly flammable and has the potential to ignite at any time.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends that you have your dryer vents cleaned at least once a year. There are approximately 15,000 dryer vent-related fires each year in the United States, causing over $90 million in damages and lost property. The leading cause of these fires is a failure to have the vents properly cleaned.

A dryer with clogged vents also runs hotter and longer; this will make the machine far less efficient and increase both your utility costs and the wear and tear on the machine. It can also damage your clothes, increase the potential for mechanical failures, and decrease the life of the dryer. By cleaning your dryer vent, we can help ensure your dryer is both safe and energy efficient.

A dryer vent cleaning with United Air Temp costs $119.95 or $89.95 combined with other services and includes up to 15 feet or one level of your home.

You should consider having your dryer vent cleaned if:

  • you have not had your dryer vent cleaned in over a year
  • the top of your dryer is hot to the touch
  • your clothes are still damp after a full cycle
  • you smell moisture or see moisture inside or outside your dryer
  • lint is visible from your external dryer vent exit
  • when running the dryer, you see or feel little airflow from the external dryer vent

When a technician visits your home to clean your dryer vent, the process will include:

  • cleaning any combustibles from underneath and from all surfaces of dryer, including
    back, and checking vent connections
  • cleaning vents both inside and outside with vacuum system to remove any blockages
  • visually inspecting vents with camera
  • cleaning all around dryer, including behind dryer, and cleaning lint trap
    and lint trap slot
  • confirming correct air flow at the
    outside vent cover
  • running dryer to confirm proper operation (final cycling)

*per 1 dryer vent cleaning which includes up to 15 feet or one level of your home