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Clogged Drain Repair in Northern VA, DC & Baltimore Metro Areas

You depend on your plumbing system every day, from doing dishes to bathing and more. Clogged drains are a common, frustrating issue. While it’s tempting to resolve the issue yourself with a chemical drain cleaner, doing so can cause more problems. When you’re struggling with a clog, turn to the plumbers at United Air Temp! Since 1931, we’ve provided top-notch drain services to DC, Maryland, and Northern VA residents. 

Causes of Drain Blockages

Clogged kitchen drains are often a result of hardened grease and fat. These are stubborn clogs that can seriously damage your kitchen plumbing. Bathroom plumbing is more prone to hair blockages. In time, minor drain woes caused by foreign objects can become catastrophic when toiletries and items not designed to be flushed, such as wipes, snag on obstacles. Your garden drains are just as prone to problems. Leaves and other debris are relatively easy to remove, but tree roots can create an ongoing issue if not dealt with correctly.

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Preventative Steps You Can Take

One of the worst culprits when it comes to clogging drains is fruit peels and rinds. Although you may think it’s fine to throw these into your garbage disposal, that’s actually not the case. That’s because they’re extremely difficult to break down. A good rule of thumb is to know that if you won’t eat it, you probably shouldn’t put it down your sink drain. Grease is another major cause of clogs. You should never pour grease, fats, or oils down your drain. That’s because grease will create sludge and coat your pipes.

The grease will also build up over time and block your pipes. What you should do instead is let your grease congeal in a container and throw it away in the trash. Or you can even use the grease for other purposes. You want to think of pipes like the arteries of the home. And when you add enough fats and oils, they can freeze up and lead to blockages. 

DIY Options

Most homeowners turn to corrosives to unblock their drains, but this is not recommended. A cup of baking soda mixed with a cup of vinegar may relieve slightly clogged sinks. Plungers might temporarily remove your blockage, but they can also move the source of the clog lower down your pipes, rendering the problem even harder to resolve. All of these options have one thing in common: They can’t remove your clog entirely. They’re temporary solutions at best and can do little to clean your pipes. Handling the problem yourself can also cause serious damage.

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Why You Should Always Choose a Professional

While the cost of hiring a plumber makes DIY solutions tempting, you will save time and money when you call on a professional. Plumbers have a wide range of tools and knowledge at their disposal. The more accurately your problem is diagnosed, the more effective the solution will be, so contacting a plumber is always the best course of action. Further, DIY clog removal can result in damage to your drains. A plumbing snake, for example, might not only fail to clear the clog, but it could also cause irreversible damage to your drain pipes, resulting in a costly replacement.

United Air Temp has a heavily experienced plumbing team that offers detail-oriented solutions that last. Collectively, we have over a hundred years of experience between us, so you can trust us to deal with your drain woes permanently and effectively. Get in touch with our licensed plumbers now.

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United Air Temp has licensed plumbers with the right knowledge and tools to protect your home and its plumbing. We have been in the area since the 1930s and continue to deliver a high level of service every time someone calls for clog removal. In addition to friendly, licensed plumbers, you can rely on United Air Temp for: 

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY augurs can cause structural damage to your sink and pipes, particularly if they’re old.

Corrosives like drain cleaners and vinegar blends create a hydrochloric acid byproduct that’s highly toxic. They can harm both you and your pipes.

Herbicides can kill off smaller roots, while copper sulfate and potassium hydroxide can inhibit growth if applied regularly.

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